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with Chef Vladimir Muhin in Moscow
On the top floor of a 16-story bulding you will find one of the top restaurants in Moscow; the White Rabbit. A fantastic place If you are looking for haute cuisine accompanied by a wonderful 360 degree panoramic view of Moscow. Chef Vladimir Muhin - who not only knows the latest culinary trends of top dinning in the world he also knows the Russian traditions with it´s stunning ingredients. It has placed The White Rabbit at nr 71 place of the worlds best restaurants on the S. Pellegrino & Acqua Panna list. Vladimir honed his culinary abilities in the capital’s leading restaurants, and in Michelin star restaurants i France. However, Chef Vladimir does not emulate modern trends but stays always true to himself and his signature style. Vladimir and his team is offering a new type of Russian cuisine, the main ingredients of which are everyday foods. The only difference is Muhin’s special interpretation, transforming them into an unusual combination, shape or form but always keeping that wonderful taste. The team offers the ideal combination of delicious and original food with stylish interior design and an unbelievably stunning atmosphere. Let´s meet Vladimir and hear what he has to say about his ideas on the new Russian crossover kitchen and his new Gastrobar concept.
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