On this channel you might find your peer. Your soulmate, the one that are like you. The person that goes beyond the ordinary. With the ambition to create outstanding experiences they are ready to give that extra again and again. Here you will find people that not only talk but also delivers holistic sustainable results. Those that can be a guiding light for all of us to follow. To create not only a good but a great world for the many.
with Designer Ineke Hans in Arnhem
Ineke Hans studied product design at Acadamy of Arts Arnhem and graduated with an MA in Furniture design from the Royal College of Art in London in 1995 before setting up her designstudio in Holland in 1998. She works with a small team on a wide range of 3d projects. Furniture, products and jewellery come as one-offs, small batch products, and mass-produced items for international clients. Next to that she works exhibitions and architectural projects. Ineke’s early work centered around pictograms and archetypes, but her designs have evolved in many ways; investigating the psychological roots of products, perceiving and playing with the interaction between people, objects and space. Meet Ineke at her studio in Arnhem and hear what she has to say about design and beyond.
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