On this channel you might find your peer. Your soulmate, the one that are like you. The person that goes beyond the ordinary. With the ambition to create outstanding experiences they are ready to give that extra again and again. Here you will find people that not only talk but also delivers holistic sustainable results. Those that can be a guiding light for all of us to follow. To create not only a good but a great world for the many.
with Chef Gregory Czarnecki at Waterkloof in South Africa
Chef Gregory Czarnecki was voted the Chef of the Year 2016 by S.Pellegrino & Agua Panna. Gregory runs a disciplined and highly structured kitchen at his restaurant at Waterkloof Wine Estate. Located just outside Somerset West not to far away from Cape Town in South Africa. Gregory transforms the most humble, honest and freshest seasonal ingredients complemented by the estate’s elegant wines in to art. When it comes to plating Gregory is a true maestro and with his innovation and rigorous attention to detail you are up for an incredible eating experience. Let´s meet Chef Gregory and hear about his cornerstones of minimal, contemporary and modern cooking.
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