On this channel you might find your peer. Your soulmate, the one that are like you. The person that goes beyond the ordinary. With the ambition to create outstanding experiences they are ready to give that extra again and again. Here you will find people that not only talk but also delivers holistic sustainable results. Those that can be a guiding light for all of us to follow. To create not only a good but a great world for the many.
with Chef Tareq Taylor at Kockeriet in Malmö
Under the leadership of chef Tareq Taylor his restaurant and food studio Kockeriet is a tribute to gastronomy and its crafts. Based in the southern part of Sweden they focus on Mother Earth, nature and cooking craftsmanship. Tareq and his team are cooking with pride, passion, safety, respect and honor. Let´s meet Tareq and hear about his ”Nordic Fusion on the Go”.
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